Dressing your life in possibility

We're in the lane beside you, meeting you where you are and supporting your life wherever it may lead. We're attentive and inventive, always looking to create new ways to help you see the possibilities in style and life.


She found ingenious solutions and pioneered fashion for women who didn't have a place.

And now, over a century later, we're still creating possibilities for women of all shapes and sizes every day.

At lane bryant we believe. . .

that every woman can and will achieve what she wants, that possibilities are endless and that boundaries are meant to be pushed.

And we exist so. . .

women have the happiness and confidence to conquer the day. We ingeniously create versatile styles and fits that give you the confidence to live a life filled with possibilities in work, play and love. And we will always be in the lane beside you, rooting for your rise.

we obsessively collaborate and create with you so we can ensure the very best styles and fit.

Look at you. You're on your way. With endless determination. A dash of flair and a beautiful sense of purpose. create your lane.

Responsibility at Ascena

We focus on inspiring women and girls—our customers, associates and suppliers—as well as the communities and environments where we do business. Our strong foundation is based on the responsible sourcing of our products and the sustainable operations of our enterprises. We believe that caring for women around the world and providing them with opportunities to lead, give back and live well, will lead to a better future for us all. Our connection to our associates and customers is deeply rooted throughout our business to bring Her, at the Heart of Us, to life.

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